Debates are the “best” thing ever. I have the hardest time with these because I don’t like researching things up. I am doing a debate right now and I don’t like it. Why do I have to debate on something I don’t want to participate in. Debates are just like throwing facts at each other. … [Read more…]

Weekly post

Hello and welcome back to my blog. I chose to write a weekly post because I don’t know what to write about. This week has been well so far. This week is the last FULL week of school, YAY! The only bad thing about this is that this week is the last week I can … [Read more…]

Gacha studio

Hello guys, I am here today to talk about this app called Gacha studio. I know I have mentioned this before but I am going make this post ALL about Gacha studio. So if you are wondering what Gacha studio is, it is like a mix and match game, just not as babyish. It is … [Read more…]

the matching game

Hello, and welcome back to my blog. Today, as you can tell from the title, I will be talking about this matching game I have played in our math classroom. On some day’s, my math teacher gives us a card with a word. Then we try to put them into groups of three. The last … [Read more…]

My delay

Hello everyone! So today I will be talking about my delay. I was supposed to go to Guam today but the flight was canceled. So I thought to myself ” why would the flight be canceled on the day of the flight.” Well, I would never know because military airlines don’t tell us why the … [Read more…]

Monthly post

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Nothing really exciting has happened during this month so I don’t have much to talk about. One thing that happened this month was a track meet. I forgot where and when this happened but it took place at a high school. I have been also playing with this … [Read more…]


Hello, and welcome back to my blog. I don’t really like making blogs because, for me, there is nothing to talk about. I don’t really do all that social media stuff. I watch blogs and think they are super cool, but when I try it, they are really boring. that is all I can talk … [Read more…]


I LOVE anime, it is one of the best things in life( in my opinion ). I am just so interested in all the different styles. My favorite Anime is Fairy Tail and the new season is the last season. Anime is pretty old, the first anime was made in 1948. The anime was called … [Read more…]

About blogging

I am not that into blogging about things, but since I get graded on this, I blog 3 times a month. Blogging can be a hobby for some people. When you blog, the topic can be anything. It could be about your life or about things going on in the world and how it interests … [Read more…]